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Writer's Block: A Fruity Synthesis

If you could create a hybrid of any two fruits in the world, what would they be and why? Describe this new fruit (its name, taste, color, ect.)

I think I did this in Harvest Moon...
So I play this online game called GoPets, and I have four kitties there. Usually they are so modest and well behaved, but the other night I came home to check in on them, and just <i>look</i> what I was witness to!! O__OCollapse )



How do I sticky a post??
I've seen a lot of journals that have a "Feedback" entry that is always at the top of their page... How do I make this stay at the top of my journal? ._.

This post *will* be for my sellers feedback... soon. :)



My Weirdest Message Received to Date...

So I got a message in my YouTube Inbox today... it was from a user I'd never heard of before... the message said, "my gerbil just died." ... O_o


I wasn't expecting that!


I replied and said, "I'm sorry." Cause I was.

How weird!


Yar matey

I made a new icon.
Isn't it the faboo? =D

Yarrr. I'm headin' teh Port Royals!


Okay, so last week Seth and I went to the USA just for fun, we'd never been before, and we just went shopping and played ball and stuff, 'twas a lot of fun. ^_^ But I found this store that we don't have here called HOT TOPIC, and it was so cool. O_O
And guess what I found?? O_O Eeeeeeeee, I was so thrilled!

Now check dis out!Collapse )


Writer's Block: Here's the Skinny...

Have you ever been skinny dipping?


Unfortunately. :)

Writer's Block: My Secret Identity

Describe your different personas.

What's this Writer's Block thingy? I haven't really looked at LJ's new features in a long time, so I've never seen it before.
Sounds like the kind of help I need to get writing, though!

Secret Identity:

I'm actually really intelligent, but no one but my husband realises it! Because I'm blonde, and cute =D and I act quite childish, so it's understandable that people tend to underestimate my brains.

There's not much else about me that's secret; I'm a pretty open person.

My Crazy Cute Online Life! =D

It's been a long time since I've posted here regularly. Know why??? Cause I can't stop playing with my cute kitties! =n_n=
I'm totally adicted to Gopets.

Click to see my kitties and other awesome screen shots! =DCollapse )